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Guido's Free Stuff is about getting the best software, books, images, and other stuff free.  You can search the web and end up wasting your time looking for the best software out there or you can just stop here.  Why? Because we Guidos Gift Wrapped Free Stuffactually use and test the software that we have on this site.  You won't find junk. Furthermore, you should take our recommendations and suggestions seriously because we use the stuff on a variety of computers.  When we say it might not work well on Vista.. we mean it. We aren't Microsoft giving you a bunch of nonsense. You can trust us.  Furthermore, our stuff is virus free. As the photo shows we are basically gift wrapping the free stuff for you.  The stuff is here for the taking. Bookmark us so you know where to go and make sure you read our section on installing and removing software. It will save you some headaches. Most of the software on our site is in the Windows format.  A few of the products are also available for Macs.  Some of the Windows software may run on a Mac if you have an emulator but we can't guarantee because we no longer use Macs.

I hope you enjoy the site and fun we have with the photos and our ads for the site. I  don't take things too seriously sometimes and hope you don't too, so have fun, get your free stuff and stop back often. You can sign up for our alerts on new products by filling out the form below and also any comments you may have.  If you don't want to spend time downloading we have a special deal here where will send you all the stuff basically for nothing except you'll pay a discount price for our screensavers and we'll include just about everything on the site on cd or dvd disk. Your donations are also welcomed to keep the site going because you can't beat better than free when it's quality too!  So how about a cheer for Guido's Free Stuff!!!!

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